Products and Services Offered by the Apex Bank

  • Administration of the Agricultural Finance Facility (AFF)/ Line of Credit;
  • Administration of capital investment by private sector operators;
  • Provision of inspection functions;
  • Provision of Technical Assistance (including training of Board, Staff and client, etc).

Financial Services:

  • Banker to the CBs and FSAs
  • Cheque Clearing
  • Fund Remittances, including telegraphic transfers & Mobile Money Products
  • Specie / Cash Management Services
  • Treasury Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Audit & Inspection
  • Financial Control, including budgeting and performance monitoring
  • Correspondent Banking
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Financial Advisory

Technical Support Services

  • MIS Software and Hardware Support
  • Administration of capital investment by private sector operators;
  • Legal
  • Corporate Governance Support
  • Conflict Management and Community Relations
  • Human Resource Management & Training
  • Market Research and Product Development


  • Deposits: savings and checking account and fixed deposit
  • Remittance: Domestic and international

Loans and Advances

  • Consumption Loan
  • Cottage Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Construction Industry

Agriculture Loan Products

  • Input Loans- To finance working capital or inputs such as seedlings, fertilizers and payment for work-ers in the production of any agricultural product.
  • Rehabilitation Loans - To finance rehabilitation of Cocoa, Coffee and oil palm plantation.
  • Equipment Loans - To finance the procurement of equipment for processing and marketing of Agric produce such as Cassava, Rice, Oil Palm, etc. Equipment purchased should have minimum one year warranty.

Inventory Credit Scheme – Palm Oil

Target Market

  • CBs and FSAs-the formal and informal rural banking public in Sierra Leone.
  • The target market of RFIs includes the small, marginal, poor, peasant farmers, agricultural laborers, entrepreneurs, petty traders, arti-sans, workers, employees, retirees and other service providers at the low-end of the economic landscape living in remote, rural areas. They also provide services to local government institu-tions, companies and agro-based businesses

Farmers Bank

News & Media

It will be stating the obvious to say that the Ebola Virus Dis-ease (EVD) outbreak has its most telling effect on the Commu-nity Banks and Finan-cial Services Associa-tions in the rural fi-nancial sector as a whole. The EVD out-break has completely destroyed small farms and businesses due to the trade and travel restrictions.